Monday, January 30, 2012

Melaka Treasure Hunt for SIKLH birthday Babies

Melaka Treasure Hunt for SIKLH birthday Babies

It was an exciting trip to Melaka for October, November and December birthday babies in Sheraton Imperial KL Hotel. Besides day tour in Melaka, birthday babies were engaged with treasure hunt activities that not only create hype and thrill, but also foster bonding among them.

Participants were divided into groups and they were given a set of clues to look for the treasure hunt answer. They were all out for the hunt even though the weather was not as good. The trip was made merrier with the presence of the Hotel Manager, Mr Vieren who joined the associates for the hunt too!

The Melaka Treasure Hunt will be a regular event that brings Birthday Babies of SIKLH out for the unique birthday treat and also to bring them closer as one big SIKLH family.

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